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Divorce registries aren’t just for women

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2024 | Divorce |

If you’re a man who’s considering divorce, you may have heard something about divorce registries. This is a relatively new concept. Divorce registries were largely marketed toward women at first since they were typically the ones who set up wedding and baby registries.

Gradually, that has changed. Increasingly, men are using them – especially if they’re the ones who have moved out of the family home and find themselves with an apartment or condo and little furniture or they need to set up a bedroom for when their child stays with them.

There are actual divorce registries like Divorcist and Fresh Starts that specialize in things that newly divorced people need. Divorcist even lets people ask for favors like dog walking, help painting or moving or babysitting. Giving cash is even an option. Fresh Start lets people choose room “bundles” so that friends can help them furnish or stock specific rooms, like a child’s room or a kitchen.

Major retailers like Amazon, Target and more let people create registries for any occasion – including divorce. These registries give friends, family and co-workers a place to go if they want to help, but they aren’t sure what to do.

A fair property division agreement is still crucial

What’s important to remember is that a divorce registry isn’t meant to be a replacement for a fair property division agreement. However, whenever a couple ends their relationship and goes from living together to separately, both are going to have to restock some things. They may also find that now that they have a chance to decorate their home the way they want to, they want a whole new look.

By not having to worry about who gets the coffee maker, the dining room table or the big screen TV, there’s more time and energy to focus on seeking the more valuable property you want as you end the marriage.