Child Custody And Shared Parenting Plans
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Child Custody/Shared Parenting Plans

Child Custody/Visitation

There are usually five (5) types of child custody available:

  1. Physical custody
  2. Legal custody
  3. Joint custody
  4. Sole custody
  5. Grandparent visitation and custody

When divorcing, parents have to have a written plan (separation agreement, shared parenting plan, etc.) outlining where the child(ren) will live, noncustodial parent visitation, who makes what decisions, holiday and vacation schedules, and how vacation time is split between parents among many other decisions.

The main point to remember when making any type of agreement or schedule pertaining to the child(ren) is that what is being decided must be in the best interest of the child(ren).

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Shared Parenting Plans

A shared parenting plan is a plan that sets the arrangements for the parenting of a minor child or children. Both parents are residential parents, however, there is not always an equal split of time. One parent is designated the residential parent for school purposes under Ohio law. The courts have a schedule for a standard parenting arrangement. This is usually used in situations where one parent is the primary residential parent and the other has standard parenting time.

There are many different factors that the court considers when determining the best interests of the child, including, but not limited to the physical living arrangements, child support obligations, medical and dental care, school placement, and where the child(ren) will stay during legal holidays, school holidays, and other days of special importance.

Because of all the different avenues a court considers with drafting shared parenting, it might take a lot of pressure off of you by finding an attorney that is well versed with the drafting of shared parenting plans. Having Susan J. Lax on your side will take some of the stresses away due to her abundance of experience helping families find the best working arrangement for their children.

If your custody or shared parenting order needs to be updated because of a significant change is circumstances, Susan J. Lax can help you seek modification of a custody or support order.

Paternity/Fathers’ Rights

Paternity is the legal process of establishing the father of a child.

There are many different issues that can arise, especially when fathers are not married to their child’s mother.

If you, or someone you know, need help figuring out your rights as a father, Susan J. Lax, will take the time to go over your issues and help you reach a resolution smoothly and efficiently.