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Navigating travel with your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Child Custody |

Navigating travel with children when you share custody with your co-parent, especially over the holidays, can add some bit of complexity to your plans. For instance, your itinerary may involve crossing state borders, traveling out of the country and/or a prolonged stay at a destination away from your usual routines and familiar surroundings.

It’s best to get everything in order well in advance to help ensure a smooth travel experience that allows for joyful celebrations for all involved. Here are some useful tips.

Understand the prevailing custody order

Review the custody agreement thoroughly, noting any specific provisions or restrictions related to traveling with the children outside certain boundaries. This might include requirements for notifying the other parent, obtaining written permission and adhering to the set guidelines. Understanding court orders before making travel plans will help avoid misunderstandings or conflicts and ensure legal compliance.

Open communication is key

Besides notifying your co-parent of the intended travel plans well in advance, discuss your proposed travel plans with them, from the dates and locations to transportation methods and accommodation. This proactive approach can foster cooperation, resolve potential conflicts in advance and ensure they are aware and comfortable with the arrangements.

The children’s best interests come first

Court-ordered custody arrangements are centered around the children’s best interests. Therefore, any travel plans you make should prioritize the children’s comfort and needs. If possible, involve them in the planning process and consider their individual preferences and well-being. It also helps to maintain consistency in routine and rules to create an enjoyable experience.

Remember, custody arrangements vary, and the legal nuances involved can impact travel plans differently. Seeking legal guidance can help you make informed decisions, address any particular legal requirements and protect your interests.