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Mediation can help divorcing spouses to achieve favorable outcomes

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Mediation & Collaborative Law |

People in Ohio divorce for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes, years of marriage lead to people having different values and personalities than when they first committed to one another. They may also feel as though they have nothing holding them together after their children grow up and leave home.

Other times, there is some kind of misconduct that leads to divorce. One spouse discovers that the other has cheated or lied about finances. Litigated divorces in Ohio sometimes require that people give testimony about very private matters, and what someone says in court will become part of the public record. Privacy is just one of the reasons why many divorcing couples consider mediation instead of a contested divorce.

How mediation can help

If spouses must negotiate matters related to property division, parental responsibilities or financial support, it is often necessary to discuss specific relevant factors from the marriage. Unfortunately, talking about addiction, infidelity or other personal issues in family court could make those matters part of the public record. Couples can discuss misconduct and other challenges at length in mediation without their conversation becoming public knowledge. Mediation is a confidential process in Ohio, and only the agreement that people sign would become part of the official court record.

For those who believe that marital misconduct and other personal matters should influence the terms of their divorces, mediation may be the best tool possible for resolving disagreements. They can negotiate at length without worrying about damaging their reputation or their relationship with their children.

Ultimately, learning more about the different approaches to divorce in Ohio can help people choose the best approaches given their circumstances.