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Why does the end of summer see an increase in divorce filings?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Divorce |

If you find yourself considering divorce right now it may be comforting to know you are not alone. The end of summer typically sees an upsurge in divorce filings.

What makes this such a popular time to seek change?

Summer can highlight marital problems

Routine can hide a multitude of issues for most of the year. The rhythm of work and schooling can fill the days so you only end up seeing each other briefly. Come the annual summer trip away and you suddenly have to spend most of the day with each other and that can bring your differences to the fore. 

Summer can increase the opportunity for extramarital activity

Summer can have a lot more social activities than the other seasons. That can make it easier for one of you to meet someone else. Whether something serious or a drunken holiday kiss it may spell the end of the marriage.

People become empty nesters

Once the last child leaves for college, many couples suddenly realize they have no reason to stay together anymore. Others may have known that long ago but decided to wait until this point for the benefit of their child.

People put it off over the summer

Many people decide they want a divorce before summer, but then life takes over. A whirlwind of social events, vacations and the problems of arranging childcare leaves little time to think about the divorce. Once school starts again they realize that they need to get on with it before another year passes.

If summer has left you convinced that it’s time for a change, consider learning more about how divorce works.