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What is financial infidelity?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Divorce |

Infidelity is certainly one thing that can lead to divorce, but this is typically used to refer to someone having an extramarital affair. They are unfaithful in the relationship, their spouse finds out and the marriage ends in divorce.

But there is also a potential issue of financial infidelity, which can also lead to a divorce. What is this and how does it break down a marriage?

Dishonesty about spending

This is often referred to as hidden spending or simply being dishonest about how money is being used. One person is intentionally hiding their spending habits from their spouse.

For example, perhaps that person has a gambling addiction. They slowly siphon money out of the couple’s shared bank account. Perhaps they come up with stories about what they need the money for, such as giving a loan to a friend or investing the money in their business.

Why does it lead to divorce?

There are two main ways that this can lead to divorce, the first of which is simply when it creates financial hardship. Maybe the person who is doing the dishonest spending is using so much of the money that they can no longer pay their shared bills. That’s how the spending eventually becomes very clear to their spouse.

But the second issue is simply that it breaks down the trust in the relationship. Even if there’s no financial hardship, the spouse who didn’t know about the spending habits feels that they can no longer trust their partner. Trust is critical to a marriage and can certainly lead to divorce when it is lost.

Couples who are getting divorced for financial reasons often find that the process is rather complicated. If you’re involved in this type of situation, be sure you know what legal options you have.