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3 mistakes that could hurt your final child custody orders

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Child Custody |

Matters involving children are some of the most challenging aspects of divorce. When dealing with a breakup, the last thing you may want is to negotiate with your spouse over child custody and visitation.

Unfortunately, parents must negotiate and find a way to agree on these matters, or the court will step in and do so instead. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you during your negotiations, or you might make mistakes that could compromise your case.

1. Acting out of anger

The things you say and do while divorcing can be used against you. At least if they cause the court to believe your children might be better off in the care of your co-parent. Avoid lashing out at your spouse during your negotiations. It is better to remain calm and respectful even if you are upset inside.

2. Interfering with parenting time

Unless you have a court order stating otherwise, your co-parent may spend time with your shared children. Most courts take a harsh stance against attempts to block contact between kids and a parent. Avoid interfering in your co-parent’s access rights to preserve your own.

3. Putting your kids in the middle

You can put your kids in the middle of your divorce before you even understand it has happened. It often starts with sending messages to your co-parent through the kids, but sometimes ramps up to questions kids about the other parent’s life. Such conduct could affect your custody case and may damage your kids’ mental health as well.

With legal guidance, you can avoid making harmful mistakes like these while ensuring your custody rights under Ohio law remain intact.