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What you need to know about modifying custody orders in Ohio

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Child Custody |

It is possible to change your current child custody arrangement if there has been a substantial change in circumstances since a family court judge issued the existing orders. For instance, you may have been relegated to supervised visitation in the past because of one issue or another. If you’ve since improved your situation, asking for expanded custody rights may be justified.

To modify the child custody orders, you can either agree with your co-parent or petition the court to make adjustments. The first avenue is the easiest since a judge will likely approve any changes mutually agreed upon by both parents as long as they are in the children’s best interests. However, it plays out differently when you petition the court to modify the present orders.

How do you convince the court that a modification is needed?

As mentioned, substantial changes on the side of either the parent or child would warrant a modification of custody orders. As the parent who has petitioned the court, you need to substantiate your claims or provide supporting evidence for a successful outcome.

You may have landed a job after attending a drug rehabilitation program and believe you can provide and care for your child, which was not the case before. Still, you need to show proof of these significant changes in your life and convince the court that modifying the current orders is in the children’s best interests.

Are you looking to modify your current child custody orders?

You may be thinking of getting more involved in your children’s lives or modifying the current child custody orders to suit the changes in your life. Either way, the proper legal assistance can make a huge difference in your efforts. Modification petitions involve various court processes and procedures, which is why it is advisable not to go it alone.