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3 benefits to a more equal custody split

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Family Law |

One of the primary things divorcing parents battle about is how they will split custody. Both parents can push hard to get as much time as possible, even if that means the other party gets less.

A more even split can be good for you and your children. Here is why:

Children can suffer when they see much less of one parent

If a child grows up seeing both of you every day, only being able to see one of you on the weekend or once a month will come as a shock. It is a drastic reduction in contact time.

Children benefit from each parent in different ways, and cutting access to one can harm them in so many ways. The more even the split, the easier it can be for the child to adapt to living apart because less will have changed.

Being a full-time parent is hard work

Parenting as a couple can be exhausting, but having to do most of it alone is even more so. Children, especially young ones, demand a lot of attention. Doing most of it alone reduces the time you have for yourself, your job, your friends and your interests. Dividing the role allows you to get regular well-deserved breaks.

It can reduce disputes over money

If a court orders one parent to pay child support to the other, they may resent having to do it, especially if they hardly get to see their child.

When you split care of your child more evenly, you can reduce the need to transfer so much money, as you can each spend more directly on the child’s needs when they are with you. There may still be some payment involved, however.

If you think this sounds like a good option for custody of your child, seek legal help to understand more. It is not suitable for all cases, but it can work well for some.