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Can kids benefit from virtual visitation if they’re very young?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2024 | Child Custody |

Co-parenting can be challenging, perhaps especially when physical distance separates parents from their young children. Thankfully, virtual visitation arrangements can help parents to remain connected with their kids when they are residing with their other parent, either for a short time or for longer periods. With this said parents of very young children, such as infants and toddlers, may understandably wonder if their kids are too small to benefit from co-parenting virtual visitation. 

While it is true that virtual visitation approaches need to be adapted to a child’s age, developmental level and a host of other factors – and, thus, need to evolve as they age – virtual visitation can ultimately benefit kids of all ages who spend time away from each parent due to divided parenting time arrangements. 

Building and maintaining bonds

One of the most significant benefits of virtual visitation for very young children is the ability to build and maintain bonds with both parents. Even though infants and toddlers might not fully understand the concept of virtual communication, regular visual and auditory interaction helps them recognize and feel connected to whichever parent is not present at any given time. Seeing a parent’s face and hearing their voice regularly can reinforce their sense of security and attachment, which is important for their emotional development.

In order to facilitate this developmental need, virtual visitation can be integrated into a child’s daily schedule, providing a predictable pattern of interaction with both parents. This regular contact can help to create a stable environment. Even at a young age, children can experience feelings of separation and anxiety. Virtual visitation allows the parent who isn’t present to offer emotional support and comfort during these times. 

Whether singing lullabies, reading bedtime stories or simply engaging in playful interactions, virtual visitation can provide significant emotional reassurance to young children, reinforcing their sense of being loved and cared for by both parents.