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Is mediation right for your family?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Mediation & Collaborative Law |

Divorce can be a painful and overwhelming process, especially because you have to undo years of your marriage in a few months. While there are various ways to finalize your divorce, mediation is becoming popular.

The mediation process offers partners a way to settle their divorce with minimum tension. But is mediation suitable for your family? 

It offers privacy

In a traditional divorce, any information revealed in court is accessible to the general public. Mediation eliminates this risk; you won’t have to stand before many people to discuss your personal life. Instead, the mediation sessions remain private.

It is fast and less stressful

Mediation offers a less stressful way to settle your divorce. This is because the sessions are more informal and less intimidating when compared to court proceedings. You will be able to avoid the rigid and often delayed deadlines of the family court. 

It can be less expensive 

In a traditional divorce, both parties must pay to get representation in court. However, while you will need legal guidance, mediation is way cheaper. You will mostly incur costs for document reproduction and legal fees. 

The court usually has a set of guidelines for divorce cases and will not make decisions based on what you value. However, mediation lets you design solutions to meet your needs, situation and values, allowing for a win-win situation. In addition, since mediation involves both partners, there is an increased chance of compliance and fewer disputes after the divorce.

The divorce process and outcomes can leave you bitter, scared and angry. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Mediation allows you to retain power over the outcomes as you can create solutions to meet your specific needs. Moreover, communication lines between you and your partner are open because you negotiate directly. Nonetheless, even in mediation, you will need legal guidance to help unravel any complicated problems and safeguard your interests.