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The benefits of grandparent visitation rights

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Family Law |

When most people hear the word “visitation,” they usually think of a situation where a non-custodial parent sees their child(ren) according to a court-ordered schedule. That said, visitation rights are not limited to parents; grandparents can get them, too.

Per Ohio Revised Code Title XXXI Domestic Relations Children Section 3109.051(B)(1)a-b, grandparents have a right to file a motion with a court for visitation rights. Also, the court can grant it if it is in the child’s best interest.

If you are a grandparent seeking visitation, read about the benefits you will gain from it below.

You could share pieces of wisdom with your grandchildren

Because you possess decades of life experience, you can share solutions with grandchildren when they come to you for assistance. For instance, you could tell them how you stumbled across a problem as a kid and used a creative solution to tackle it.

You could pass down treasured traditions

Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood or a special holiday tradition? You could pass on the customs you grew up with to your grandchildren so they could pass them on to their future offspring.

Spending time with them could protect your and your grandchildren’s mental health, especially once they become adults

According to a 2013 Boston College study, grandparents and grandchildren with strong bonds have the least depressive symptoms. It is likely because these relationships function on a give-take structure: if grandparents and adult grandchildren provide financial, emotional and tangible support to each other, they will be happier.

Though parents are a child’s first teachers, grandparents play an important role in kids’ lives as well. Are you a grandparent interested in learning more about visitation rights? If so, consider reaching out to experience legal assistance for more information.