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Why is shared parenting beneficial?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2023 | Child Custody |

Going through a divorce with children changes priorities, as parents consider them in every step they take. Every decision in such a divorce should be in the child’s best interest. And how the kids will be raised is one of the crucial matters. With different types of custody, most parents opt for shared parenting.

Here is why they choose this plan:

A healthy relationship with the kids

Shared parenting allows both parents to maintain a relationship with their children as they get to spend adequate time with them. Of course, one will be the residential parent for school purposes, and the other will have standard parenting time. 

Working together

Co-parents should communicate and be on the same page concerning child subjects. Thus, this parenting plan allows parents to work together to raise their kids successfully after a divorce.

More individual time

Another reason why most divorcing parents choose shared parenting is that they get more individual time. When the kids are with the other parent, one can hang out with loved ones, go for therapy or complete their errands. This allows them to be happy and, in turn, become healthy parents. 

Any parent who has gone through a divorce can do this, but the convenience and amount of free time offered by shared parenting makes it stand out. Besides, it’s rare for a co-parent to feel guilty when having fun, as they know their kids are connecting with their other parent. 

Shared parenting offers many benefits. However, it may not be the most suitable solution in some cases, for instance, where violence and substance abuse are involved. You could get professional help to learn if shared parenting will work for you and how to protect your parental rights.